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DevialetRepair program.

Why replace when you can repair?

With Devialet’s new Repair Program, you can keep the product you’ve come to love for longer. Contact our customer service to see if your product qualifies, follow the instructions, and have your like-new product returned to you in 6 business days.

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How does it work?

Which Devialet products are eligible?

Devialet media
Devialet media

Minor repair (aesthetics) - Phantom I

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Devialet media

Major repair (electrical) - Phantom I

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Devialet media
Devialet media

Minor repair (aesthetics) - Phantom II

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Devialet media

Major repair (electrical) - Phantom II

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How long does the repair process take?

After receiving and checking your Phantom, it will take 6 business days to receive your Phantom as new.

Are repaired products covered by a warranty?

Yes, the repaired Phantom is covered by a 12-months international warranty effective from the date of delivery.

What happens if the Phantom I want to repair is covered by Devialet Care?

If you have already protected your Phantom with Devialet care, you will have the possibility to access the repair services at a preferential rate. We invite you to contact our customer service to consult the different rates.

Can I drop off my Phantom directly at a Devialet store?

No, the Devialet repair program is available exclusively on, you will have to return your Phantom using the return kit that will be sent to you.

Does the repair program work for all Phantoms?

Yes, the repair service is available for all Phantoms as well as for older glossy finishes.

Do I have to send back anything other than my Phantom?

You must only return your Phantom. You do not need to return the Remote or other accessories.

Upgrade Program.

Ready to explore new frontiers ?

As part of the Devialet family, we’re offering you the chance to expand your listening experience. Under the new Devialet Upgrade program, simply keep the sound you love, and save on the sound you want. This is your moment.

Devialet media

* The customer will be responsible for his Phantom device until delivery and handover of the device at Devialet’s premises. The customer is obliged to truthfully state the condition of his Phantom device. Devialet will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the reported conditions by the customer and the conditions found upon receipt by Devialet. Click here for further information about the terms and conditions of the Repair program.

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